Gourmet dishes

  • 96. "The two palate friends" - for 2 people 38,00 €

    Appetizer::      Peking Soup
    Main course:    knusprige Duck and chicken breast fillet
                            with different vegetables
    Dessert:          seasonal fruits

  • 97. "In the realm of the 8 goddesses" - for 2 people 42,00 €

    Appetizer:      Peking Soup
    Main course:     Duck à la Pa-Pao with 8 treasures
    (Beef, chicken, duck and various vegetables)
    Dessert:          seasonal fruits (2)(4)(a)(c)

Original Peking - duck

The famous 4-course menu in China – for at least 4 people

(please order at least 1 day in advance!)

  • 1. course:

    Peking Soup (4)(a)(c)

  • 2. course:

    crispy duck skin with young leek and Crab chips rolled in pancakes with hoisin sauce

  • 3. course:

    Roast duck meat with Chinese vegetables and special sauce (f)

  • 4. course:

    Baked banana with vanilla ice cream (a)(g)(1)

  • p. P. 25,00 €

List of ingredients / information for allergy sufferers

(1) with dye

(2) with preservatives or


(3) with antioxidant

(4) with flavor enhancer

(5) with sweeteners

(6) contains substances

(a) Cereals containing gluten

(b) crustaceans (such as crabs or shrimps)

(C) eggs

(D) Fish

(E) Sesame

(F) soy

(g) milk (including lactose)

(h) nuts (peanuts, almonds)

(I) contains quinine